Yes Post It Note

I’ve come to realize that sometimes the inspired ideas we follow are there to show us what we don’t want. I used to believe that every inspired idea was a step in the right direction. Turns out some steps on the inspired path are steps we take to confirm that’s a path we don’t want [...]


Smoothing the Bumps on the Path of Inspiration


I’d love to report that traveling the path of inspiration is all smooth sailing. But alas, it is not. Like any path it has bumps and twists and turns and potholes. The biggest pothole I seem to keep encountering is representative of the stark transition from the way I used to live my life, to [...]


Follow and Feel


I love ending my day with a long run, as the sun is setting, listening to my iPod, and letting my mind wander and “run” too. I always receive inspiration when I’m running. In a way, it’s my form of meditation because I’m not one to sit still very well. As I’m running and listening [...]

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