What You Focus On Expands

Magnifying glass with the word Focus

Call it the Law of Attraction or whatever you want. It’s true that whatever you place your focus on, you naturally attract more of into your life. Or, at least you become aware of more things that are in line with that focus. Truth is, they’re already there, it’s just you often don’t see them [...]


You Can’t Go Back

No U Turn Sign

I heard it many times in all of the personal development seminars I attended over the years. Once you shift, change your mindset, or grow, you can’t go back to the way things were… or to the way you were. It was promised as a good thing. Growth and transformation were the goal. You work [...]


Money, Success & Happiness Poll

If you had to choose one: Money, Success, or Happiness, which would you choose? I encourage you to momentarily suspend any thoughts that one may lead to the other and consider which of the three is MOST important to you. Poll Part 1   If You Could Only Choose ONE, Which Would You Choose? Poll [...]


Success: Could It Be An Addiction?

Success on rock in palm of hand

I spent most of the past week working on my book manuscript. I have a deadline of July 31 to submit my book proposal into a contest where I have the opportunity to win a publishing contract or one of a handful of other prizes that could help my book be more successful. Of course, [...]


Chasing Success vs. Following Inspiration

success themed street sign

I’ve chased success most of my adult life. I set big goals. I worked hard to achieve them, even to the point of burning myself out. I’ve read books, sought out mentors, coaches, and mastermind groups, attended seminars and conferences, and dropped a boat-load of money, all in search of More. More success. More money. [...]

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